The frugal side of personal development.

I wrote Serenity on a Shoestring because I wanted to share my own money mindset journey. Since I grew up in a family who believed in lack and that wealth was bad, I became an adult fearful of money, finances and wealthy people. I couldn't open my bank statement without feeling sick, even if there was more than enough money in the account! So, I began to try to fix the problem--my thoughts and beliefs about money. That led to an enormous trove of free resources that I accumulated over time and felt the need to let other people take advantage of the free books, films, sites, and more I found. There are no affiliate links in the book, but plenty of links to free help. Click above on the green button to join the free Serenity Newsletter where you'll get MORE free resources right in your mailbox every week.

how to buy a power boat


The frugal side of boating.

My husband and I co-authored this book for a great reason: we are a frugal family that owns what most people think is a not-so-frugal "toy," but trust me, we are frugal boaters! In addition, my husband is the original frugal fanatic, and still is. He knows how to find, buy and maintain a top quality power boat without sacrificing a thing. Maybe we don't have the latest model, but we have a boat that we dearly love and that gives our family and friends hours of pleasure, memories and bonding each and every year. In this book, Steve and I give you the ins and outs of buying a boat, and we also help you determine if you really are ready to own, or even want to own, a boat! Our motto? Don't buy a floating lemon!


The frugal side of fashion.

This was my very first eBook for Amazon Kindle! Written long ago, it's still a classic book that lets readers in on how I manage to pay next to nothing for clothing for my family of four (myself, hubby and two teens). I discuss how I use coupons to buy free pieces of quality clothing, how I determine what fabrics are worth the price or not (I used to work in the interior design industry so I know a thing or two about seriously top quality fabrics!), and I discuss why the cheapest 'cuts" of clothing are anything but cheap! Your closet will love you if you read this book...oh, so will your wallet!

Read Dress for Less for fashion on a budget.